60D ergonomics (I finally understood how important that is)

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60D ergonomics (I finally understood how important that is)

Have been in the shop recently, have played with 60D and compared with Nikon D7000, D90 and Pentax K5.

Have to admit that 60D ergonomics is the worst one.

First the buttons - they are very flat , soft and they do not have that "click"-feeling when you press them. It was difficult do understand if I actually press the button or the camera-body somewhere near.
I also didn't undertand if that combined wheel-joystick is pressable.

The small arrows and small wobble say that it is, but somehow it doesn't feel like pressed. Is the wheel also pressable or only the arrow inside?

Also have noticed, that the viewfinder is smaller than by Nikons and Pentax. Have checked several times, it does look smaller.
Though on the paper it is not smaller, or even bigger.

Nikon is good except that stupid horisontal wheel on the front (under the shutter button). With which finger should one rotate it?

With index finger? - I have to tilt it like 30 degrees and it rubs my middle finger.
With middle finger? - I have to tilt it 30 degrees other way.

I mean tilt like left/right, if you look on the palm perpendicularly.

Pentax has the best ergonomics. Everything is where it should be. It was the first time I hold Pentax in my hands, but it felt like I'be used it for years.

The only thing to cavil at is the colors of the menu. They look like made for color-blind and contrast-blind people.
All possible acid colors and DOS '88 design.

I don't like the "girly" Windows-7 design in the camera menus, but the rough rectangulars is also too much.

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