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Night/Long exposure/Noise +C&C


I went yesterday to a nice, isolated part of the coast 30km from where I live. Daytime it is a beautiful place to dive and have fun jumping from rocks (one never gets too old for that but this was my first night time with the camera.

I used a D700 + 24-70 + 70-200, and those are my very first long exposures. Of course, I managed to forget the cable connecting the remote to the camera, so my "bulb" exposures where... thumb activated, with the attached loss of sharpness.
Few comments:

  • the sea was amazing yesterday night, roaring, with high waves. A little spooky and eerie too, being surrounded by that, and (hopefully!) nothing else

  • the D700 could not focus, not even using its assist light (I could clearly see the beam projected at 20m on the rocks, but the AF would not lock. This was 24-70 & 70-200. Would a SB900 red beam better, or I'd be better off carrying a large torch next time? (I resorted to iso3200, f2.8, tripod, 2s exposures, and check the focus. Then readjust manually, recheck. Then again, and again...

  • there is noise in long exposures. Even at iso 200/400. Violet speckles lurking here and there (like tiny sensor hot spots), plus there is diffused grain. What can I do to avoid it? Is there a way to get smooth images at 180s exposures, maybe iso 200?

I attach a few of them. I quite like them, especially considering those are my very first few ones. Weirdly enough, the one I like the most is a test shot I took perhaps handheld at iso25600. It's grainy as hell, but we and my fiance, this morning looking at it, both thought of Maelstrom...

Thanks all for inputs & comments!


I know the large bunny on top: we're old friends since probably day 1 with the camera. Too cheap to pay to have it cleaned, to wimpy to risk it myself

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