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Wow, what a difference! (Monitors)

So I used to have a couple of 19" TN-panel monitors which had excellent contrast and seemed to have excellent color and viewing angle. One of the monitors died on me three weeks ago, and the second one started "flaking out". It was time to replace them.

This time around I decided I would give an IPS monitor a try and decided I was tired of the bevels in the middle, so I got a DoubleSight DS-277W 27" monitor.

Admittedly I do not have the monitor calibrated yet, but all I can say is I was really missing out on the subtle reds and oranges on the old monitors. This thing knocks the old monitor's socks right off! Sunsets take on a whole new look (more realistic) and colors are richer. However they do seem a bit over-cooked (saturated) so I am in need of either calibration or I have been over-doing my pictures to suit my old monitors.

At least I have an excuse to buy the monitor since I primarily use it for circuit board CAD so it will pay for itself.

Now I have to see if I can dig up a Spyder 3 from somewhere to run a calibration.

Oh, one more thing, the new backlights are so darned bright by comparison to the old I have to ratchet it down to nothing or my eyes get pooped in a dark room.

Loving this, and the price wasn't horrendous. After rebate it was

So to sum it up, if you think your el' cheapo TN monitors are good, just wait until you sit in front of a decent IPS monitor with an 8-bit per color panel. You will never look back.
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