Judging by the #150 threads ...

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Re: Judging by the #150 threads ...

Daniel Lowe wrote:

chris102 wrote:

Daniel Lowe wrote:

Let us never speak of it again.

What to talk about then........

.....hmmmmm................so......you like doing stuff?

Well, photography of course, but that's what the rest of the website is for. Speculative cosmology, but ... that didn't have the effect I was after ...

Sex, drugs and alcohol are pretty popular I hear, but they don't share well in early 21st century online communities.

Ah, that is all soooooo last month anyway

Hey! I know! Let's talk politics!

I'll start. I live in Arizona.

Now you.

New Zealand, hmmm, there is not a lot of political tension between Arizona and NZ, oh wait!! a previous government was supposed to by some F16's but cancelled the order, I think they may be sitting at 'the Boneyard' we could start a political fight about that!

Actually, I kinda wished they bought them though......

Ther emight not be a lot of political tension between AZ and NZ, but don't try to move there being from out of the country, because they don't want you in AZ!!!!!

Oh wait, that's only Mexicans! You're fine.

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