Sony 20mm 2.8 for NEX

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Re: Sony 20mm 2.8 for NEX

Kiril Karaatanasov wrote:

Miguel Teotonio wrote:

What about a 20mm 2.8 from SONY (same size as the 16mm) that avoid all the

the 16mm lens is virtually distortion free

The lens is very good - there is always going to be people that have nothing to do but whine .....this does nto make the 16mm any less usable or nice.

the only problem with the 16mm is that extreme corners are quite soft. That is it - Soft extreme corners. NO distortions,

Aberrations are noticeable but can be corrected in software easily.

No distortions - softness in the corners and aberrations yes.

Is the lens great and usable - yes.

Does it take very cool pictures - depends on your skill

I'm not whining about the 16 mm. I like the lens. But ... does it have distortions ? Yes. I don't need a stupid graphic to tell what I'm seeing ... I have eyes.

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