Wedding Lens to rent?

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Re: Wedding Lens to rent?

Mbloof - indoors.

Thanks a lot for the advice

mbloof wrote:

Weddings are not good places to practice photography.

I don't recall you mentioning if this was indoors or outside?

Can the T3i function as a Canon wireless commander? Get the 430EX if you want more power (and bounce ability). You may also be able to use it off camera with the T3i as the master in a one or two flash setup. It costs more than the aftermarket cheapies, but wireless ETTL is worth it IMHO.

The two lenses that you mentioned, 1x-85IS and 70-300IS could be all that need if your shooting outdoors on a bright summer day. The 1st wedding I shot with a DSLR was outdoors on a sunny day.

I used a XTI+17-85IS+430EX+580EX+Lightstand. I shot most of it @ F8 with a CP filter installed to cut the light down enough to keep within sync speed.

If your shooting inside and don't wish to use flash lighting, the 17-55+70-200 is a great combo. I might also consider renting the 35L, 85L and 135L primes.

You may wish to rent 4stop ND filters to go with whatever lenses you rent so you can use the fast glass wide open under bright conditions.

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