Recommendations for 50mm on APS-C sensor? (re: 1.6x crop factor, etc)

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Marcos Villaroman Veteran Member • Posts: 5,763
Here's a vote for the 35/2

A friend and I just went through this exercise.

He wanted a 50mm equivalent in 35mm FF for his Canon 7D while I wanted a 35mm lens for my 5D2.

He went with the 35L because the 35L was faster and had better color/contrast than the 35/2. He wouldn't consider the Sigma 30mm because eventually he's going to buy a FF sensor DSLR and wanted to maximize his investment in glass.

OTOH, I went 35/2.0 for my 5D2. I will do the best I can to live with its slower f/2.0, older AF without providing distance info in EXIF, and not quite as good color/contrast. In exchange I get a lens that is significantly lighter/smaller. More importantly the money I save goes towards the 85L.

Going full frame was a game change for me. The extra shallow DOF and the full use of wide angle makes me want to use primes more often, although I'm still addicted to the convenience of zoom lens. If you are thinking of getting a FF DSLR within the next two years, I recommend thinking twice about buying too many APS-C only lens. I could see going APS-C only lens for ultra wide angle and your main walk around zoom lens that you use 80% of the time (e.g., 17-55 or the Sigma, or 15-85), but, I think the 35/2 is good enough that I personally wouldn't go Sigma 30mm.

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