How do I respond to "isn't it true it's just a theory"? about evolution.

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Re: Barry

Barrie Davis wrote:

Chato wrote:

The Theory of Evolution is accepted sceince largely because it is occuring as we speak. That's why I say it's falsifiable.

To say it is falsifiable is to admit of the possibility of evidence arising that makes it false.

And I am being honest in my response to your objections.

And I am NOT using "theory" in terms of "hypothetical," either. Far from it. I am using "theory" as in "theoretical", which is not the same as "proven," and never can be.

This is not to say there is any doubt about the validity of the Theory of Evolution, whether or not you think it takes place by Natural Selection or some other means.

Indeed, this is my position...

  • A scientific theory stands ABOVE mere facts in the hierarchy of understanding.

  • Theories explain why the facts are what they are.

  • Theories also allow the prediction of other likely facts yet to be discovered.

  • If those facts ARE discovered, they reinforce the theory itself as likely being factual in its own right..... something which has happened to the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection thousands, and yet thousands and thousands, of times....

  • ... the fact is, Evolution is as "factual" as it gets!!

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"Ahh... But the thing is, they were not just ORDINARY time travellers!"

People generally claim Natural Selection as proof that evolution is fact. Natural selection is indeed a fact. We've observed gene traits culled away through natural selection. But this only shows that Natural selection removes genetic information. It cannot generate genetic information required to make eyes, skin, feathers, lungs, etc. The information had to already exist for Natural Selection to cull.

In Medical science what we observe with gene mutations is Devolution rather than Evolution. It is the gradual corruption of healthy genes to disfunctional genes. No new genetic information has ever been observed forming.

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