POOL: Would you buy a FX f 2.0 zoom ?

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POOL: Would you buy a FX f 2.0 zoom ?


I'd love a FX f2.0 pro zoom. The first one that comes to my mind is a 24-70 f2.0, something I would buy in a heart beat, even if costs a lottery prize.

I like zooms, they give me the flexibility on assignments I need.

I'm a much better photographer with zooms than I am with primes.

As I said, I like flexibility, and I don't care about weight and size.

I shoot fashion 99,9% the time with f2.8 zooms wide open. I'd love even better subject isolation.

I'd go for MF digital for this reason alone (as the sensors are larger) if I had the cash available.

It's obvious a FX f2.0 zoom will never exist. I know, I know.

It would be too heavy and too expensive to be a major success, so N will never waste time and RD on this thing.

But I would love it!

Am I the only one on this planet crazy enough to want such a thing?

All the best,

Marcio Napoli

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