why we are lucky to have the SEL 16F28

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why we are lucky to have the SEL 16F28

I'm reading a lot of bad things about the sony sel 16F28 and I wanted to
tell everyone who is angry at sony for the lack of pancake prime right now
why I think that we already have a pretty good one.

Bad things first. Yes it is not the sharpest of lens wide open and the
extreme corners are soft at almost all appertures. (I repeat...extreme
corners, nothing that can't be fixed with some cropping if needed to)

But, it is light, it is small, the build quality is fine , it is a 2.8 on
a APS-C sensor (better imho than a 2.5 on a m4/3 sensor), it is a 24mm
equivalent and god, it comes with the cheapest bundle. If you want to buy
it separetly, it is only 250$. Then if you buy the UWC, you get a pretty
small 12-16mm f2.8 (I know it is not a zoom) for something like 400$. It
does not give you the quality of, lets say, the Tokina 11-16 f2.8 but once
again.....the price !!! and the size !!!

I can take this combo with me anytime I want to walk around in the city
while I would never want to carry the tokina with me if I'm planning to do
other things than shooting.

There is a big rave at the moment about the Olympus M Zuiko 12mm f2. I'm
not arguing against this lens. It is brighter, better built and sharp at
all apertures according to the early reviews. BUT it cost more than a
NEX C3+ Sel 16f28.

24mm equivalent is the ideal focal length for travel IMHO, it gets
everything in when you want to shoot landscape or buildings, and lets you
take pretty interresting picture even when you're stuck in a crowded place.
It lets you get closer. It's perfect when you're in a restaurant or in a
bar with some friends.

People argue about the lack of 'normal' primes in the NEX roadmap. I
say the sel 30f35 macro will do just fine. I prefer to shoot at f4 - f8

That was just my 2cents in favor of the sel16f28

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