Long shoulder strap for E-PL2

Started Aug 5, 2011 | Discussions thread
Rohith Thumati Contributing Member • Posts: 509
Re: Long shoulder strap for E-PL2

I forgot about Gordy; yeah, I have a wrist strap from them and it's awesome. Highly recommended.

knylen wrote:

Gordy (gordyscamerastraps dot com) makes leather straps to order in various styles.

I have one for my X100 and one for my G3, each of which was under $30 for a 50-inch length.

One strap he makes is adjustable, one is a sling style, and he'll make a simple leather strap of any length you specify. Takes about a week to get them.

Not really cheap, but they do look great with the retro-style cameras, and they're good quality, well made straps.

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