Hardware Spec for Photo + Video editing?

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Suggestions based on similar experience

I teach multimedia including video and last year built a new editing system for our new 'tv studio'. I had a hardware budget of about £500 (that's less VAT) but no software budget. For that I built an i7 860 based system with a 1TB drive and a decent NVidia card (I can't remember the exact model) with 8GB ram. The machine has taken everything we have thrown at it, a lot of chromakey work along with all the usual multi track editing transitions etc. It will edit avchd directly if asked though I prefer to transcode to an intermediate format such as DNxHD or DVD resolution mpeg2 depending on the use. Also DVD authoring and burning.. The software is completely Linux (No software budget) but is very capable and easy to use by the students who are in the 11-16 years old range.

So a year on what would I suggest?

Well, as fast a cpu as possible, multicore if your applications support it. The Intel Sandybridge 2500X looks like a good choice. I looked at the hex core AMD processors at the time but they were not any faster for this work as each individual core was slower than the intel i7 core, things may have changed in a year. A good Nvidia card to make use of CUDA/VDPAU again if the applications support it. Ram - 8GB should be ok but ram is cheap at the moment, so go for more if you can afford it but leave free slots for possible expansion.

I get my bits from Scan, they have been very reliable over the years and their priices are reasonable.

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