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GaryW wrote:

KM Legacy wrote:

By the way, there are no faster or slower polarizers; the amount of light they swallow depends solely on their efficiency, which mainly depends on the angle of the lighting that hits the subject .

If you mean that polarizers remove light only through their polarizing effect, I think you are wrong. Polarizers act as neutral density filters apart from their absorption of polarized light. They darken things even when turned to their minimum-polarization position.

Not only that, but some polarizers are clearly overall "more efficient" in that they allow more light to pass through, even having the polarizing effect. For example, my linear polarizer only loses between 1 and 1.3 stops of light, but my CPLs always block out more than that. Usually it's a noticeable difference ( like 2 stops, perhaps -- can't recall for sure).
Gary W.

Don't quote me on it, but I believe "average" CPL's (like my old tiffen) are around 2.5-3 stops of light lost. One of the reasons (among many) that I purchased the Hoya "HD" is how fast it is (only 1.3 stops of light lost, identical to hoya's linear polarizer), as well as the fact that it has the built in UV filter (say what you will, I often use it especially in urban areas to cut down on UV haze).

For me, it's perfect. I get a fast CPL that has a built in UV filter so I can cut-down on the amount of filters I carry with me and it's virtually indestructible. My 3 filter wallet is comprised of the Hoya "HD" CPL, 2 stop hoya grad ND and an older Marumi 3 stop ND.

Of course it's far more expensive than a linear polarizer, so I'm sure that will turn a lot of people off. As far as I'm concerned, the speed and utility of it (and the fact that I expect this to last me quite a number of years) make up for it.

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