SONY HX9V vs CANON 7D - Movies comparo

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Re: SONY HX9V vs CANON 7D - Movies comparo

For further on-the-computer corrections - levels, curves, contrast, sharpness, magic bullet, etc - it's a good practice to reduce anything possible to a minimum. The result is a grayish, no contrast, sharpless movie, just like mine. I tried to do the same for Sony movies, reducing contrast, saturation and shapness.. but of course that the user interference in these ammounts is reduced. This is of course one of the reason Sony's movies look sharper, lighter, having more contrast, etc, and it's my "fault".

If I continue the "job" and use AfterEffects trying to add life in things, my comparo will turn differently. But Sony made the little camera just for what is it, a quick simple begginer camera, ready to use files, no AE mambo-jambo, shoot and use!

For the sake of disscution here, I'll try to shoot both cameras with those characteristics (saturation, sharpness, contrast, etc) at a pleasant level, that is not necessarily the maximum value...

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