Shooting wedding with primes only

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Re: Shooting wedding with primes only

kormendi_adam wrote:

I wonder if any of you pros think it is possible to shoot weddings with primes only.
I ask this strictly from curiosity.

Yesterday I attended a friend's wedding and had my D300s with me, with 35 and 85 primes. I took 4 photos in total (so I really did not intend to 'play the pro' there).

I had the feeling that, if I had been the hired photographer, I really would have a hard time changing lenses and I think I would have missed a lot of shots.

Do you think it is possible to use primes only for weddings?
From what I have seen yesterday, I would say it does not make any sense...

Well I've done many weddings using a 24mm, 50mm, 85mm and 135mm primes. (2 bodies) And I can tell you it was not a problem. You can use a zoom or a prime, you should concern yourself with the end product, not the tools.

Also this "I would have missed alot of shots" is rubbish. I concern myself with the shots I get, not the ones I miss. Most photographers seem to think clients want 2000 images at a wedding...I'd disgree with this logic.

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