G series and dust/lint trapped in lens issue

Started Apr 12, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: G series and dust/lint trapped in lens issue


I have the exactly same issue- A dust stuck inside the lens. My G12 is also only 3 months old. I contacted Canon New Zealand and pointed to your posting, and demanded them to fix it under warranty, but they said the warranty does not cover this sort of issue.

I asked them why the same issue is covered in US, but not in NZ, they said:

"When the cameras that you found online were examined by Canon USA, their service centre would likely have deemed that the foreign matter was related to a manufacturing issue and had been present from new. Otherwise, foreign matter that enters the camera during use is not deemed to be a manufacturing fault and is not covered by the warranty in USA or New Zealand, as stated in the warranty conditions supplied with the cameras. ".

Did Canon fix your camera because they decided it was a manufacturing fault or they just fixed without any strings attached?

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