Outdoor lighting - light spill on the ground

Started Aug 3, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Outdoor lighting - light spill on the ground

Sailor Blue wrote:

You might try a honeycomb grid on the light for the Rembrandt face lighting and then light the body with an additional light or two from a horizontal, or even slightly upward angle. The head would still cast a shadow, but far enough away that it might not matter or one that you could remove in post. The horizontal lights shouldn't cast any shadow on the ground, but spill from them might lighten the ground a bit so you might have to flag them.

Yes indeed I think that's the way to go I will do some testing.

It's quite difficult to move the light closer it was already nearly on the frame.

and I guess the flags are easyer to set up on horizontal lights than on the one for the face.

Thank indeed

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