Help: EOS Utility changes date/time downloading images ~:-(

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Help: EOS Utility changes date/time downloading images ~:-(


Over many decades, going back to analog, I've archived my images based on date/time and want/need to continue to do so.

Some time ago I've switched to Canon. The first thing that flabbagasted me is that the camera does not present itself as a normal external disk when connected via USB, proprietarism that belongs way back in the last century. With all my former camera's I could download images by just plugging in the USB cable.

But OK, I knew that before buying the Canon. And until recently I did download images to my Ubuntu Linux laptop, which connects to Canon camera's right out of the box, no special utilities needed.

However, now I need to download the images to my Windows PC and need to use the EOS Utility. To my complete horror I've just discovered the EOS Utility changes the date and time of the image files to the date and time of downloading.

I'm talking about what Windows calls 'Date Modified' in the file properties and in the (default) list view of Explorer. This date/time should be the original exposure date/time (or creation date/time, as with all other files) as long as you don't change the file, besides plain copying. And that was true for any camera/software I've used, until EOS Utility ... I'm using version, the latest as far as I know.

My questions:

How can this be, does not the EOS Utility just copy a file, but indeed change the file in some way? (I'm not using the on the fly file renaming).

Is there a workaround for this EOS Utility problem/bug, so it does not change the 'Date Modified'? (I could not find any relevant preferences setting).

Or is there alternative software to download images from Canon camera's, which does not change the date/time?

I know, using a card reader is a possible solution, but for many reasons I'd like to use the direct USB connection. And I know, software like InfranView can set the file date back to original from EXIF for JPG's, but not with RAW files And I hate to add a extra step to my workflow.

This really is a bummer, hoping for a decent solution ...

Best, Boyd

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