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Re: Where do files go?

Thanks for the info, David.

Yeah, a desktop icon will work for the icons, but apparently a full install puts the manuals where they can be accessed by the "Manual" button on the dialogs, and that would be handy.

Sounds like good advice on the nozzle checkis.

The moving party went well. A neighbor said he would bring two more guys. He turned up with just his wife. But in addition to being pleasing to the eye, she is strong as well. But it only took him and me to haul the printer head into the house with no difficulty. And I am 65 yrs old. No stairs, but a couple of steps. I am now finishing assembly.


DavidH202 wrote:

"But it is my natureas an engineer to want to understand the technical basis for the things I do and choices I make".

Well that splains it well

As far as the 'manuals' I downloaded them from the drivers and support page on the Epson site

and just put them in the My Docs folder along with a shortcut icon on my desktop for quick access.There is a holder for the Manual folder that attaches to the stand and I have the hard copies there also .
I placed a shortcut to the driver window there also.

One thing I certainly recommend is when you are finally up and running with ink, and have done your head alignments...

When you print your nozzel checks, date them and save them! Circle any missing patterns (if any) and make any notes on the printout as to what steps you take to allieviate the blockage. I hope you do not have clogging problems, but if you should,these notes will serve to help with any tech help and warrantee issues
if needed.
One more piece of advice.

From my experience I have the 'auto head check and clean if necessary' set to work on one cycle in auto mode. So far the printer seems to do much better checking and cleaning itself than when I had everything set to manual checks and head cleans.

Hope the moving party went well

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