Is the NEX 7 real?

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Re: oh god, oh god ..

franzel wrote:

gfrensen wrote:

I think that Sony is aiming the Axx cameras at the real amateur that don't have a studio. I don't think that 99% of the Axx owners realy miss the studio capabilities of their cameras.
For the 1% it would be great if Sony could fix it.

No offence, but the '99% of users' argument usually indicates BS .

Be it as it may, a system that is not featuring an ISO hotshoe, or at least a standard flash sync cord socket, is positioned in the market as low tier amateur gear .

And thatg is what the current Axx cameras are. they are not for the great semi pro shooters, just for amateurs, who don't have any studio, who don't care for ringlights for macro who have justr one or two lenses, who may or may not buy one external flaxh, but mostly use the build in flash.

It is the camera for the "soccer moms" Why let them pay more for their camera by adding features they never use? For the few people who wannt to use it as a spare studio camera? Remeber, every feature costs. Remember I said I would like Sony to fix the problem that exists with the studio flash and the screen....

What's baffling, technologically, there is no reason why such a simple feature shouldn't be included .
As for marketing, I don't get it either .

Proprietary technology and denying the customer basic functionality isn't working in the long run .


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