Shooting wedding with primes only

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A bit late to the party, but just thought I'd add that back when I started photography in the late 1960s many wedding photographers only owned one lens -- a normal prime for medium format. Most often that was an 80mm for 6x6, either Hasselblad or a twin lens reflex, most often Mamiya with a few Rolleis and Yashicas around. A few years later I began to see pros adding a portrait length lens, around 150 or 180, often with a second body.

Of course in those days zooms were unheard of for professional work. At best they were slow and well below primes in image quality, at worst they were truly dismal. With the quality and speed of today's zooms, plus the ability to use much higher ISO things are a lot different. Not to mention the pressure of an intensely competitive market.


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