A different type of Street Photography

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Peter Dumont
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Re: A different type of Street Photography

Hi Albert,
The first name that comes to my mind when seeing your new style SP, is that of
the sculptor Alberto Giacometti.

I once read that he was fascinated by the fact that when one sees someone

familiar from a very big distance, one is often still able to recognise this person
from characteristics such as posture & way of movement.

I like your experiment.

Succes !


Albert Drybrae wrote:

Emphasizeing the pure shapes of people doing what they do. In this case it's people walking down the street. The photographic challenge is to get many photos of complete strangers all doing the same thing and photographing them from the same angle. What I did was; station myself across the street from where many people walk. I took a meter reading and manually set my camera to the meter reading. The action was fast and I had to move the camera quickly so I set the ISO to 1600, shutter speed 1/1600 at f10. The equipment is Canon 7D with an f4, 70-200mm L zoom lens, no IS. This camera and lens combination is very fast focusing. Focusing is the only autmatic feature I used. I'm sure you experienced street photographers realize that when you use a long lens everyone and everything has a way of getting between you and your shot. In this case it was automobile traffic. I had to work fast and I am please by my camera and lens performance. Then there was the Photoshopping but that's for a different forum. I think this type of photography is a good way to get to peoples pure essence without background interference. I want to know what other steet photographers think of this type of thing.

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