Wife Portraits (w/Setup)

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Flat view
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Wife Portraits (w/Setup)

My wife continues to improve her looks, losing more weight and toning up her figure, which I'm quite proud of her for. So, when she asked me to photograph her, of course I jumped on the opportunity.

I also experimented using the 70-300 L in the studio. It worked great for a recent trip to Iceland (which is why I purchased it). But I'll NEVER use it in the studio again! It sucked for that.




4. Setup

AB 1600 in 48" Octobox for mainlight camera left
22" Softbox overhead for hair
42" Silver reflector to camera right for fill
2 - AB800's aimed at 9' wide white seamless background

A fan was used on the seated image.

5. Different day, different setup

Flat view
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