From Canon to D5100 (with first pics)

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Re: From Canon to D5100 (with first pics)

marike6 wrote:

. I am going to buy the same kit tomorrow, and have been struggling with whether or not to swap out the kit lens for something else, like the Tamron 17-50 2.8.

But reading the reviews, and tests on, I see the 18-55 VR is a find lens, especially for the extra $50 (body vs kit).

Pretty much the only thing holding me back has nothing to do with IQ. It's the plastic build and mount that I have never owned and do not like.


My thoughts exactly on the lens. I debated saving a few bucks and getting a better lens right off the bat, but after seeing enough examples of photos I really liked with the kit lens I figured I couldn't go wrong for about $50. It's also nice to know if I damaged it that I'm not out that much money.

I hear what you're saying about the plastic build, but in the big picture I don't worry about it. I've owned a few cameras with plastic frames and after tens of thousands of miles of being carried on vibrating bikes, including some offroad bikes, and being exposed to awful weather and rugged country with moisture, dust and at least one drop that I can remember I have yet to have a complaint about a frame. Of course I take decent precautions , but nothing I wouldn't do with a metal build. In some cases lighter is definitely better.

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