Oly E-500 Card error

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Oly E-500 Card error


I have a old E-500 witch i have used very little for the last couple of years (has about 4000 photos taken on the body) but when I have used it it served me well. I have a Sandisk ultra 4gb CF card in it and two kit lenses.

Now all the sudden the camera starts showing “Card Error” after one or two shots and nothing I do seem to shake that “card error” away.

I’ve tried the following:
Format card in camera Format card in computer, quick and normal (the computer reads the card fine)
Factory reset Take a look at the pins (they seem to be in order).
Googled the problem and haven’t found any reliable answers.

Still haven’t tried the following, firmware upgrade, new CF card (its expensive and everyone used SD cards now), new battery (costs money for a “might be solution”.

And always it’s the same problem, I take one or two pictures and it starts showing Card error.

PS: Last time I emptied the card before it when full out Error (used usb cable from the camera) the card was full, and I know the wife had tried to take some pictures when it was full and asked me to empty it.

Is there anyone who knows this problem and might help me?

Thx in advance

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