Is the NEX 7 real?

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Re: oh god, oh god ..

Kiril Karaatanasov wrote:

gfrensen wrote:

I think that Sony is aiming the Axx cameras at the real amateur that don't have a studio. I don't think that 99% of the Axx owners realy miss the studio capabilities of their cameras.
For the 1% it would be great if Sony could fix it.

The 1% is all photo trainings, strobist photography, shooting good macro, fashion, me this is more like 30%

Do you realy think thast 30% of all real amateurs (the ones that buy the Axx cameras)realy do this kind of photography in a way the problem shows up? You know that just a small % of the buyers of those cameras are reading this forum. Most peple are using their cameras with the build in flash (no problem there) to take pictures of their children, vacagtions famely outings etc. They don't cafre about srtrobes,external flashes, etc.

the portaits they do are done in natural light or with the flash, and juwst a small group takes a serious training. So I think the 30% is way to high, and the axx are doing fine in their 3ay of shooting

For the A77 it might be different, that camera can end up in mor studios, and other situations where this progblem can appear, I think that Sony will fix it for that camera, and lets hope that they use the same FW fix for the other Axx cameras.

I do not get it this is the simplest thing that even Sony cameras used to have - ability to use a flash.

Oh but they can use a flash, the bukild in flash works without a problem, only external flashes gives problems in some situations and ywes I do think Sony should fix that.

I guess until Sony PMs understand that lack of these simple things is hurting sales they will not budge.

Don't think it will budge their sales that much... Some people who found ways arround this problem and are using the camera in studios in a fine way. others wait for rthe
a77 to come and well thats a Sonhy too!

This looks a bit like the Minolta 3600 flash - the only flash in human history that does not support manual mode....strange. Luckily someone at Sony came to their right mind and fixed this.

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