Is the NEX 7 real?

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Re: I think its Real, but camera is not the problem, lens selection is

All kind of SR5 rumors come not true, there always wass a reason for then, but 99.99% hit rate is a little bit over optimistic. The shoot a lot and then they hit soemtimes... Some shots are more aimed then others...

99.99% hit rate is for the camera body and not release dates.

And even on camera body they have absolutely no 99.99% hit rate. Do you remember how they told us that the A7xx (not the SLT version) was comming soon in 2009? Yes they got it right sometimes too. But dates are often incoorect, specs are often incorrect (ok not all specs, but some of them) I find it easy, i can predict that there will come a successor to the Nex7, or the Nex3 C these predictions will come out 100% correct, but when I put specs by them, and people forget that they are reading a rumor site then they can get very dissapointed.

To me, NEX-7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12+ camera body is not important . Current NEX-3/5 to is excellent at it is, I do not need more functions . What I do need, and where I get frustrated with sony, is the lack of AF lens selection.

Well, the NEX-7 will bring in OLED EVF, manual controls, built-in flash, superb grip, AVCHD 2.0, 24MP, hot shoe, faster start time....and so on....I think that's more improvement really. Of course the NEX-7 is not for everyone just like the Fuji X100.

I'm a portrait shooter, and the lack of a 50mm f/1.8 removed NEX as a viable contender for my shooting styles. While I may not be biggest m4/3 fans, the availability of a 45mm f/1.8 put the m4/3 on my map. If the review is good, I may lean toward the m4/3 over NEX.

I don't like how the busy background you get from the m4/3. The bokeh just doesn't look good on smaller sensor IMO. There is a E-mount 50mm f/1.8 coming, but of course, like you said they are just rumors and like I said 99.99% come true.

The 50m 1.8 lens is on the Sony roadmap, so that is not as much a rumor. Maybe some specs (as they are not disclosed by Sony as far as I know, but I can be wrong) can still change. But there will be a fast 50mm lens for the E-mount this year (according to Sony)

I'm looking forward for your comment when they release the NEX-7.

I don't know, only Sony knows.

As I said before, SAR is a Rumor site. I don't blame them for being wrong some times, I'm telling people not to believe everything as they can be dissapointed when there are errors on the site.

When the site tells us that the new A9x camera will cost only $1500,-- and will have a 50MP sensor and will have Iso up to 4.000.000 and will have absolutely no noise. And people buy that kind of nonsence then they will be dissapointed when the camera has onlyu a 45MP sensor, Iso up to 3.000.000 and a little noise at that level and it cost $2000....

I advice people (and not more then that) to only believe the Sony announcements. Read the SAR site for entertainment, for global information, but remember that it all are rumors...

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