[Photos] Yushu, a Year After the Earthquake

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[Photos] Yushu, a Year After the Earthquake

Yushu, an area in the southwest of Qinghai province (China) near Tibet, was struck by an earthquake a little over a year ago. Few buildings were left standing and the death toll reached into the thousands.

Now it is one big building site, garbage dump and refugee camp, all in one.

For more photos, please see http://www.kevinschoenmakers.nl


2. An aid station in a tent

3. A man collecting water from a well.

4. A damaged temple.

5. This big statue of legendary King Gesar hadn't a scratch.



8. There was no shortage of female construction workers in Yushu. Apparently this is no taboo for Tibetan women to do hard labor.

9. A woman in her makeshift courtyard.

10. This couple from East China ran a store in Yushu, which collapsed during the quake. Now they moved their store into a tent, but because they do not have the local 'hukou' (a sort of residence permit) they aren't eligilbe for a free government sponsored replacement building.


12. A construction worker from Sichuan - a neighbouring province.


14. A woman looking at her new house as it is being built.



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