Lion and a DUMB change rant

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Re: Lion and a DUMB change rant

Jen Yates wrote:

So you've learned it still is possible... but they've made a UI change to give you:

A) A really wonderful preview of the file in question

B) The ability to drag the file out of the spotlight results, meaning you can do your find and move task so much easier than before.

C) The same ability to view the path, but it now appears only when you ask for it.

Rather than just rant, you could try investigating the full details of the changes made and then rant if necessary. I'm not saying it's wrong to rant, but do your research first.

As your first post here made you sound like such a DUMB IDIOT.

(A truly horrid bit of name calling, but the words are yours)

You really are quite nasty aren't you?

You can't justify insulting someone by saying "well, you used the word first".

You ever try logic?

So yes, it stands as a "truly horrid bit of name calling".

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