pocketwizard flex and the sekonic

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Re: pocketwizard flex and the sekonic

There are several ways to meter flash with a light meter. There is cored mode where you would plug your flash sync cord directly into the pc jack on the meter. When you press the meter button the flash will instantly fire and the light meter will give you a reading.

In cordless mode, the light meter is set to stand-by mode. It's waiting for a brief pop of light in order to give you an exposure reading. In this mode you press the meter button and the meter will go into standby. Then you would walk over to your flash and press the dump/test button. The meter will stay in the standby mode until you change a setting like the shutter speed or change modes.

Finally you have radio mode courtesy of the RT-32 module. In this mode it works much like corded mode in which the reading is instant. There is no standby mode and even better, no cords!

I hope this help clarify how a light meter works. Check out the videos on sekonics sight because seeing it action also helps you understand it better.

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