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Re: Vibration reduction "IS" is not for low light

I don't understand the complaints about low shutter speed/iso. When you increase ISO doesn't this also dramatically increase grain and noise as well? Who wants that for faster shutter speed? I have a budget $60 camera my friend gave me, which has a maximum shutter speed of 1/1400 sec., according to the specs. I've used this to take pictures of moving objects while I'm moving around/walking. I often press the

shutter button halfway down as normal practice to focus, but because I'm often never standing still I don't even look at my lcd screen to make sure I'm in perfect focus, so I'm basically taking photos blind. Just about all my pictures are captured with an ISO of 100 in daylight, and I have to say that a good portion of them are either in perfect focus or almost in focus with mild blurring, which you mostly see when viewing the picture in full resolution. I don't get too many that are so blurry I have to delete them. If I can take perfectly focused pictures of moving objects while I'm walking and with an ISO of 100, and not even looking to see if I'm perfectly focused on my subject or not, why is everyone else having so many problems? I recently bought a damaged Nikon s8100 for $30 so I will really need to see what everyone is complaining about once I get this fixed.

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