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Re: Comercial Photography rates

I've been retired for 6 years after 27 years as professional architectural photographer. One of the first things I learned was that usage determined the value. Also the difficulty of the job determines value. Local or National? Limited or wide circulation media?

We're in Fresno, CA and the top local advertising photographer told me they also billed according to the location of the client. If local, their day rate was $500.00 per day (this was in 1978), San Francisco or L.A,$750 and New York, $1000. Now, I'm told it's twice that. Ad pricing always bothered me. I really didn't like to work for agencies. Fortunately most of my work was for Architects & Developer/Builders who used photos for their own portfolios and brochures. I wouldn't pay too much attention to nationally published pricing guides as they would not necessarily reflect local practices. If you have any acquaintances in the business and if you can convince them you're not a competitive threat, ask them.

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