Nikon 300mm f4 vs Superzoom

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Re: Nikon 300mm f4 vs Superzoom

maisatomai wrote:

For a static bird, do you think Nikon 300mm f4 with 1.4x TC will have a much better IQ than a superzoom camera like HS20 when HS20 is used at 720mm?

The HS series of cameras are pretty weak (low contrast) as the lens approaches max zoom. And the HS20 does not quite reach 712mm because of the switch from the smaller BiCOMS 1/2.3" sensor to the CMOS EXR 1/2" sensor.

Nikon has a effective zoom of about 600mm when used with a crop camera while HS20 has a crop zoom of 1224mm when used with a TCON 17.

Using a TCON on a zoom is a recipe for mediocrity, and that lens starts at mediocre at max zoom ... I doubt that there will be any contest whatsoever. And that's just the optical difference ... when you then factor the pixel level quality (which is about 4 stops better on the dSLR) you have a bit of a slaughter ...

What about video wise? Can 300mm f4 takes better quality video at extreme than HS20?

Both cameras require stabilization by tripod to get good video, and the Fujis are not known for great video, so the answer will be yes. However, the HS will have the optical magnification advantage and its issues might be less apparent with moving images. Still, Fuji video is not likely to beat a modern dSLR like the D90 or D7000.

For people who has both superzoom and DSLR with telephoto lens, please come in and shed some light. Because I currently have a superzoom and I wish to upgrade to a DSLR+300mm f4 which will cost me $2000. I really hope to hear from you guys before I make the payment.

I have shot the HS10 (same lens) extensively under test conditions. I have also shot the D300 with TC17e and the 300 f/4 AFS extensively ... there is no contest. The F4 AFD will not focus as close, but otherwise they are quite similar in image quality. With a 1.4x TCON the image quality is likely to be better than what I experienced.

Pixel for pixel, you can crop the field of view to match and still be left with a better image from the dSLR ...

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