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franzel wrote:

Mark_McD wrote:

A linear polarizer is generally cheaper, faster (less light lost) and is "fixed" (non-adjustable) while CPL's can be a bit more expensive and most will lose around 3 stops of light.

Correct me for where I stated I was an expert or where I did worse than misinterpret the usability of a linear polarizer?

The OP made a thread about a week ago on the same subject (currently on page 2) without a reply.

KM already replied to the second portion, so I won't bother. FWIW, the Hoya "HRT" and "HD" CPL's both only cut 1.3 stops of light and are as fast as linear polarizers. Cost-wise the HD is significantly more than a linear polarizer (and was not advised for that reason), however the HRT can be had pretty reasonably (as the OP found).

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