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Yes, the red/magenta may be the result of rosacea. I have it, as do many older men and some women. I will usually take it out if it is a portrait for a family unless they specifically request it stay. That is just a taste call.

I think you are on the right track with him. If you do re-shoot it, try to find some black rimmed reading glasses too. That will help with the mood of the pic as well & experiment with converting to B&W. Good luck.


oldhamn wrote:

Also, he has some skin discoloration which, I believe, has translated into this photo as a magenta hue (more of a magenta/red in real life). I could probably tone that down a bit, though I'm wondering if I should leave it closer to his natural tone.

RLewis wrote:

I am a portrait photographer but by no means do I know everything. I have the Nikon equivalent lens, 105mm f2.8 VR Micro, and love it! I love the focal length for portraits. You will come to love that lens.

A few observations: 1) I do see the shoulders on my monitor. My monitor is calibrated for color and gamma and I can clearly see the shoulders. I think you did a fine job on that. 2) I don't care for the pose. The fist is mashing into his lower lip, completely hiding the lips which may bring another dimension to your image. Also, the fist (back of the hand) is way too hot. It is now taking a lot more away from the image. The pose is too square, head on, for me. I would rather see a little more shoulder turn and a little less face. He just appears to be hunched over to me. 3) There seems to be a great deal of a magenta color cast. His face color does not look natural. I don't think it is a white balance issue, but he just doesn't look right. 4) I like the hair light but I think it too might be a little hot. I would turn it down a bit. It might be contributing to the hot spot on the subjects right side forehead (camera left). 5) I like the framing although I tend to move my subjects to the right or left of center a little more, if possible. In this case, I would move that left shoulder (camera right) back a bit more (to get more of an angle) and crop the right shoulder just about to the left edge of the frame.

To be honest you are very close to an interesting study of, what appears to be, an interesting subject. I do like the mood you are going for. I like the black background and the separation on the shoulders is very good.

Just some thoughts. Others will undoubtedly disagree or have other thoughts.


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