Is the NEX 7 real?

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Re: No need to get emotional

Kiril Karaatanasov wrote:

43rds is not a system I will buy - for me it is not a credible choice.

That's fine - different strokes for different folks. However, your personal preference does not make m4/3 a joke. You are not the only one buying cameras, and obviously NEX and m4/3 are in fierce battle, not NEX having the market to themselves as you seems to believe.

The sensor shape and size are most inappropriate for digital photography. There are very sound physiological and physics reason for this.

It is not random that 35mm film is 3:2 ratio. There is reason why TVs are now made 16:9 instead of 4:3. There is reason why movie format is even wider. Think how your eyes are situated on your head - think how you perceive a portrait and a landscape picture. 43s will require crop more often then 3:2 right?

You really have to separate your personal preferences from universal ones. If you really believe that there is some magic "best" aspect ratio...well that's on par with your delusion that NEX has the market to itself, so I am not that surprised anymore. Ever heard about the war over which end of an egg to break? That's what your aspect ratio argument reminds me of.

Movie format is wider because you can fit more people in the theater that way. Following your logic, in the era of 4:3 TVs, 4/3 was the magical "best" aspect ratio. But now the dominant TV is not 3:2 either, it's 16:9. What does that make NEX, messed up design? LOL.

Anyway, for display on 16:9, 4/3 is at disadvantage for landscape shots, but has an advantage for portrait shots. Obviously, it's perfect on 4/3 TVs and laptops. Overall, to me the crop is mostly dictated by the scene, not by display device, as these change all the time, while photos stay the same.

So how do you expect me to select m43s? It is messed up by design.

I don't know where you've got the idea that I expect you to do something. Obviously you've selected NEX, which curiously does not make it the only interesting camera system.

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