Is the NEX 7 real?

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No need to get emotional

I am expressing my opinion not your or someone elses.

43rds is not a system I will buy - for me it is not a credible choice.

If you happen to like it - good for you. I do not object this.

In fact I am recomending sometimes m43 Olympus cameras to friends when there is some clear advantage for their use case.

However for me m43 is a joke. The sensor shape and size are most inappropriate for digital photography. There are very sound physiological and physics reason for this.

It is not random that 35mm film is 3:2 ratio. There is reason why TVs are now made 16:9 instead of 4:3. There is reason why movie format is even wider. Think how your eyes are situated on your head - think how you perceive a portrait and a landscape picture. 43s will require crop more often then 3:2 right?

Also consider when you shoot video on the m43 camera how much of the sensor is used - 1/2 - Wow! not only is the sensor 50% smaller to start with but 50% of it is not used. It is just about half the size of the APS-C sensor when shooting video. Did you consider this?

So how do you expect me to select m43s? It is messed up by design.

For me this is petty - Panasonic make terrific electronics and is most unfortunate to see them go the wrong way.

Finbally the sales figures for 2010 - did you consider NEX was sold only for 6 months while the others were sold for the full 12 months? or that small detail somehow did not make it up in your calculations.

Now this is my thinking - I am being open about it. If you do not like I would like to read your thoughts.

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