A few large, quality prints are all I want...

Started Aug 3, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Thanks for your helpful suggestions!

If you'd like a few prints made using the full potential of today's printers, you want to process your files from RAW in ProPhoto color space, 16 bit.

Stay in 16 bit through all processing and send the printer a 16 bit ProPhoto TIFF.

The printer must set his many-color inkjet printer to use the full 16 bit ProPhoto color space data.

The result is a wider color range than any RA-4 chemical print, or any other inkjet if it's working in narrow gamut sRGB.

There are thousands of these large format printers in the US, but very few are willing to take the time to do wide gamut profiling on multiple paper types, for just a few prints.
I've sent you an email with an offer, I hope that's within the forum rules.

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