Is the NEX 7 real?

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Kiril Karaatanasov Senior Member • Posts: 2,104
The REAL fear is if Sony will fix the stupid mistakes in the Alpha and NEX software

We all know these:

  • A55 is useless camera (with flashes) as it's EVF compensates for the aperture - very dumb. How hard is this to fix? Sony know about it ever since A300 was released 3 years ago....

  • NEX-5 hard to use in low light as it drops shutter speed to 1/30th or lower and refuses to up the ISO above 200. Have not Sony heard of minimum shutter speed setting?

  • No program shift - this is very weird...why remove so simple of a feature that poeple love...

  • No EVF for NEX-5

  • No flash hot-shoe adapter for NEX-5

What I am also afraid of is new batch of optimizations like the above that make an incredible product mediocre at best.

Thinking of it no matter how much I like the upcomming NEX-7 from the pictures and leaks I will likely NOT buy it before making sure the silly things above are fixed. Especially the flahs usability issue - this is a BLOCKER for me

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