How to watch cable TV on iMac?

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Re: How to watch cable TV on iMac?

Elgato HDTV receivers go right in USB on Mac. Mine works great for OTA.

But, why get cable TV? I am able to watch everything on a Mac Mini and/or Roku hooked up to my HDTV plus OTA shows. Sure, I can’t watch the latest HBO series (they come out 9-12 months later and I rent on Netflix) and there is no NFL channel (only OTA for that). ESPN 3 has major sporting events (watched women’s world cup on it recently) and hockey and other sports are on Roku along with CNN, BBC and other (via private channels). I also have an Apple TV but the (first gen) Roku XR has a much bigger content selection but is not as reliable as the Apple TV. The New Roku boxes look improved (although, like Apple TV, lack an RCA audio out which bugs me), offer much and are cheaper. I mostly use the Apple TV to access my iTunes library to my stereo system.
A year ago, it was a hassle to ditch cable. But now it is even easier.

It is also helpful to use the free Plex media server. Actually, I think with that, you might not need the Roku as I think it works with Netflix, etc. on you iMac. But I’ve not played with it much just yet since I have the Roku.

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