Which of this printer should I get?

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Re: Which of this printer should I get?

mugupo wrote:

1) Canon MX882
2) Epson Workforce 840
3) Epson Artisan 835

Typical workload is
70% Print
20% Copy
10% Photo

I look for a the best of those 3 choice printer, that print out good and 4x 6 photo quality better than Walgreen, CVS Photo Labs. With not pricey inks per page ratio. and good copy and print quality text.

Considering your intended use, you cannot go wrong with any of your 3 candidate printers. There are only subtle differences between them.

Canon MX882: A good general purpose all in one printer. Has 5 ink cartridges. For photo printing it uses dye ink, which will not have the same archival life as pigment ink, but will be less prone to clogging.

Epson Workforce 840: A good small office all in one printer. Probably the fastest printer of the three. Has 4 pigment ink cartridges. Pigment ink will provide the best print life. Also has the largest ink cartridges of the three, so the per print cost should be lower.

Epson Artisan 835: Also a good general purpose all in one printer. Has 6 ink cartridges. Uses Claria dye ink - less clogging potential, but not the same life as pigment ink. With 6 ink cartridges you should get better color prints, but the differential will be small compared to the other two printers. Also the Artisan 835 is the only one of the three that can print on CDs/DVDs.

Good luck with your choice.


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