Is the NEX 7 real?

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Re: My NEX-5 will continue to be the best EVIL camera

Kiril Karaatanasov wrote:

I mean honestly Sony are competing with themselves in this league.

If you believe that hype, I can't help. In reality they are not even leaders in the mirrorless market. See Japanese sales data. They are in the market that is very competitive and will become really cut-throat in the next couple of years.

NEX made a revolution on eBay - old cameras that could not be sold for a 100 Euro now go of 400 amidst fierce competition to buy them.

Umm, NEX contributed to that, but it's not NEX that made that revolution. It started way before NEX appeared with m4/3 cameras.

I think Sony are stupid but not that stupid. They have seen this and will make the small tweaks and the fabulous sensor - that is all that is needed.

Umm, the sensor is fine as it is. That's not where NEX weakness lies. Standard hot shoe, controls, AF speed, EVF for some people, small, but good lenses = that's where real improvements are to be made.

.....ohhh and more accessories like lens, so I can spend my cash on Sony stuff

Yeah, here we go.

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