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Re: pocketwizard flex and the sekonic

NCHinote wrote:

I want to buy a Sekonic L-358 light meter and a RT-32 Digital Radio Transmitter Module to remotely fire Nikon sb600 and 800 on a pocket wizard FlexTT5 Transceiver Radio Slave for Nikon.

My simple question is will the RT 32 fire my flash units on these pocket wizards in order to allow me to meter the flash light?

Thank each your for your responses and any other suggestions.


Here's what I recommend and how I use my PW's with my 2 - 430EXII's, AB800 w/AC9 and Sekonic L-358. You can't trigger the flashes (even if they're Nikon) with the L-358 and RT-32 when using ControlTL , but you can sort of work around it. If you don't already have an AC3 get one!!! This will make life so much easier. I left my Config 1 & 2 (C1 and C2) in the Control TL1 mode. C1 is set to channel 18 and C2 is set to Channel 2. It really doesn't matter what the channels are but just use what works best for you.

With the AC3 instead of using A or Automatic mode change it to Manual mode or M. You still leave your flashes in TTL but this will allow you to change the power of the flashes manually with the AC3. To meter your lights simply set it to power level you want to start with on AC3. Set your meter to Cordless mode and press the meter button. The meter will now wait to see a flash and give you a reading once detected. Use the test button on the miniTT1 to fire your flashes. When you use the test button it will stay at the power you last dialed on the AC3. Using it this way defeats the purpose of the RT-32 module for the Sekonic L-358 but you will still have control over your flashes without physically walking over to them every time you need to make a change.

Another reason to use the AC3 is that you have 3 groups to work with. If you have one flash in group A and another in group B you can physically turn off group A and concentrate on metering the other group. Then you can switch, repeat rinse.

I don't know if PW will come up with a new controlTL module for the L-358 but for now this seems to work best.

Also let me add you can disable the ControlTL on the FlexTT5 which will operate off the standard channels. You can then use the RT-32 to trigger the flashes but you will not have any control over the flashes. You would have to change for flashes to manual mode and anytime you need change the power you would have to do so on the flash itself. They will operate just like a PW Plus 2.

Mark W

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