Which sensor would a D800 have?

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I believe the D800 will be made to complete with the 5dII etc, 20-24mp, perhaps similar performance ISO wise up to 1600 then slightly worse than the D700?

That would mean that your D800 would be slightly worse than the 3-year old 5D2 and a completely uncompetitive camera compared to what Canon might do next.

They havent made such a disaster of a camera since the D2h and D2x. No reason to think they will do now.

Yes that would be a total disaster for Nikon! Its like saying to the public "we didn't do 5dmkii till now, because we couldn't". Instead of saying the truth, which of course is that, "you get a better picture from better pixel definition"! The D700 replacement will never be of higher resolution to 5dmkii and if 5dmkiii has even higher, thats even worst for Canon(!), Nikon has invested on that policy for many years and since it pays them back now, they will not change it! AND THEY WILL BE RIGHT TO DO SO! You just don't kill a winning horse, because some people are not knowledgable enough and they ask you to kill it! You just prove them wrong and turn them to supporters and faithful customers there after!

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