Is the NEX 7 real?

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Re: gfrensen - I could be mistaken, but can you show me a SR5 rumor not true?

007peter wrote:

007peter wrote:

I wouldn't worry about it. SAR have been hitting a home run lately and have a great record of getting it correct. When it comes to SR4-5 rumor rate, 99.99% has been deadly accurate. SAR believe its a real photo, I don't doubt it.

gfrensen wrote:>

All kind of SR5 rumors come not true, there always wass a reason for then, but 99.99% hit rate is a little bit over optimistic. The shoot a lot and then they hit soemtimes... Some shots are more aimed then others...

I don't follow SAR religiously since i"m a canon shooter, but as my memory recall, every SR4-5 has been true. Sure there is a delay or two, but so far all SR4-5 rumor has bee correct.

Now I could have been worng, but gfrensen can you show me a SR5 rumor that is clearly false?

Not being a smart ass, but if I'm wrong, I like to know and see an example of someone proving it to me

30/10/2009 SR5 Alpha A750 Coming Soon: No A750 comming at all!
21/2/2010 SR 5 specs of A7xx and mirorless camera:
(SR5) First A700 successor and mirrorless camera specs!


  • Body smaller than the A700 --> YES much smaller as in not existant

  • 2 live view mode as A550 --> The A7x will have only LV not two LV modes

  • Sweep Panorama -> Will be true

  • Video HD --> will be true

Mirrorless cameras:

  • Body price under 1000 USD --> Yes a lot less then $1000 (as $549 is less...)

  • 18-200mm Lens about 900-1000 USD Lens costs about $800,-- a lot less

  • 16mm f/2.8 (confirmed)

  • Super SteadyShot in lens

OK these are older ones (It's easier to see if those art true or not)
Here a newer one:

(SR4) A77 body only will cost 1.000 Euro in Europe. A77 production costs are low!

It will be a lot more expensive at a sudden according to rumors on the SAR site...

(SR4) SURPRISE!!!! A77 is not the only translucent camera to be announced in July???

What camera was announced in July? No one, OK Sony had delayed its announcement maybe, but not correct and not delayed by a few days or so...

From may this year:
(SR4) Sony A77 coming on…..July 7! For $1099 including the kit lens!
Wow date"wrong, price: wrong!

Do I have to continue? Remember it is a RUMOR site and al this are RUMORS so not always true! I'm not blaming the site (they TELL it are rumors, I'm just telling that you have to read them for what they are rumors!

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