Is the NEX 7 real?

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Is the NEX 7 real? - Noooooooooooo!

NEX-7 and A77 will be available in Japan on September 16
(announcement on August 24 confirmed).

Our Japanese friends said the Nex-7 and A77 will start to ship in Japan on September 16.

It will ship in the rest of the world by early October (A77) and late October (NEX-7).

In the meanwhile our sources confirmed the announcement will take place on August 24 in Tokyo.

As you know you can follow the announcement on this website as we will cover you live with all first

news, reviews, image samples and so on. On the same day also Nikon will announce their new stuff.

My guess is the new FF cameras will be based on the “old” Sony 24 Megapixels sensor as I have heard

the new Sony sensor (and camera) will be ready in early 2012 only. And Nikon will also announce a
mirrorless system.

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