Is the NEX 7 real?

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gfrensen - I could be mistaken, but can you show me a SR5 rumor not true?

007peter wrote:

I wouldn't worry about it. SAR have been hitting a home run lately and have a great record of getting it correct. When it comes to SR4-5 rumor rate, 99.99% has been deadly accurate. SAR believe its a real photo, I don't doubt it.

gfrensen wrote:>

All kind of SR5 rumors come not true, there always wass a reason for then, but 99.99% hit rate is a little bit over optimistic. The shoot a lot and then they hit soemtimes... Some shots are more aimed then others...

I don't follow SAR religiously since i"m a canon shooter, but as my memory recall, every SR4-5 has been true. Sure there is a delay or two, but so far all SR4-5 rumor has bee correct.

Now I could have been worng, but gfrensen can you show me a SR5 rumor that is clearly false?

Not being a smart ass, but if I'm wrong, I like to know and see an example of someone proving it to me

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