Is the NEX 7 real?

Started Aug 6, 2011 | Discussions thread
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I think its Real, but camera is not the problem, lens selection is

I wouldn't worry about it. SAR have been hitting a home run lately and have a great record of getting it correct. When it comes to SR4-5 rumor rate, 99.99% has been deadly accurate. SAR believe its a real photo, I don't doubt it.

To me, NEX-7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12+ camera body is not important . Current NEX-3/5 to is excellent at it is, I do not need more functions . What I do need, and where I get frustrated with sony, is the lack of AF lens selection.

I'm a portrait shooter, and the lack of a 50mm f/1.8 removed NEX as a viable contender for my shooting styles. While I may not be biggest m4/3 fans, the availability of a 45mm f/1.8 put the m4/3 on my map. If the review is good, I may lean toward the m4/3 over NEX.

My wish list: more pancake please

  • 30mm f/1.8

  • 50mm f/1.8

  • 85mm f/1.8

  • 100mm f/2

  • 200mm f/2.8 ( not pancake, but as short as possible )

Patman888 wrote:

How many people here would kill themselves if the NEX 7 turned out to be nothing more than a NEX C3 in a NEX5 body instead of this monster A77 in a small rangefinder body?

The A77 has been rumored for ages but the NEX7 came out from left field. What if the specs are fake and it sucked?

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