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GaryW wrote:

John Bean (UK) wrote:

Mark_McD wrote:

For the linear polarizer- you won't be able to adjust it to allow for some reflections, though you can adjust a CPL to your liking (a nice subtle advantage).

You keep repeating that Mark, but it's not true. I have several polarisers both linear and circular; all are mounted in freely rotating mounts and are used in exactly the same way.

I have to agree with John here -- you rotate the linear polarizer the same way, and it changes the reflections.

You guys are correct. A linear polarizer functions the same (rotating). I was basing off of an old polarizer (wiki) article I had read some time ago for the linear functions- I do not own a linear filter. I apologize for not having been able to reply sooner.

However, after checking here I rechecked the wiki (which was somewhat unclear) and then stumbled across http://www.bobatkins.com/photography/technical/polarizers.html which seems to be a fairly descriptive breakdown between a linear polarizer and a circular.

I got a nice B+W LP for something like $20. I am not sure what the coatings are like. But it's so worth it to only have one stop of light loss!!!

That's a pretty darn good deal, though the Hoya HRT (I mentioned above) and the Hoya HD both are just as fast (and CPL's) - 1.3 stops of light (same as the linear filter). For me, I have the Hoya HD which I'm quite pleased with- it has a UV coating on it as well, which is perfect- a faster CPL with a built in UV (no filter stacking, and often when I'd want a CPL I want a UV filter as well, but would typically avoid due to filter stacking).

The Hoya HRT (cpl) has the same transmission speed in a more basic CPL.

On another camera/lens, I've used a cheaper filter, and it seemed to work OK. So, I wouldn't say that cheap CPLs are junk, but in theory, better coatings should reduce reflections and have less of a chance of washing out the contrast from flare, etc.

So, I try to mount the hood when I use the lp on the Nex but then I can't rotate the filter easily. Gaaaa... Just can't win!

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John Bean [GMT+1 aka BST]

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Gary W.

Try out one of the rubber collapsable hoods. I've been using B+W rubber hoods, but I'm thinking of checking out Hoya for my older (single-coated) Canon FD, which obviously flares rather easily.

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