K-5 weathersealing/weatherproofing

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Re: That is what a voided warranty looks like.

I know you are reading this board for a while, so I am surprised that Pentax Prime's posting behaviour is surprising you ... he is like that, he can post some good images, but is also one of the few people that I have on ignore...

so in short... it is best to not pay attention to his posts, let alone get into a discussion...

Meuh wrote:

I have no idea what I ever did to offend you, or to receive such hostility from you,
If anything you have been the one to act immature..

If you look at my older post's you will see I try to be helpful and share with the community here. maybe you have me confused with someone else.. or maybe you have some problems out side the forum and bringing it here.

Anyway.. this is getting way off topic

Thread should be locked.

Good boy, you are getting smarter (and more honest) by the post. It's a shame someone had to call you out in order for you to act like an adult, but so be it. Bye-bye. (You can continue punching yourself in the face now).

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